How the “Fractured Prune” Got its Name

When Tom Parshall purchased Josh’s 46th St. Market in 1976, he was thinking about a new name for his enterprise.  Several friends gave him suggestions, but he felt they all lacked imagination and individuality While reading through the abstract of the land he had bought, an unusual name caught his eye.  In the late 1800’s, a woman named Prunella Shriek had owned much of the land in that area.  Tom didn’t think too much about it until one day he was browsing through the Baltimore Library and came across a book titled “Ocean City lore.”  As he looked through it, he was thrilled to see Prunella Shriek’s name, with a paragraph devoted to her.

Even though she was in her seventies, Prunella was the only woman who competed with men in traditionally men’s sports, such as ice skating races and skiing competitions.  She was an excellent tennis player and was county ping pong champion circa 1895.  Being older and somewhat brittle, she often returned from some of the more vigorous competitions in a wheel chair or on crutches.  Thus the townspeople began to lovingly refer to her as “Fractured Prunella.”  When Tom read this, a voice in his head said, “Hello!”  He would name his new enterprise after this wonderful and spunky old lady and call it “Fractured Prune.”

We still think today that our name is as unique as our doughnuts.


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