How the “Fractured Prune” Got its Name

When Tom Parshall purchased Josh’s 46th street market in 1976 in Ocean City, Maryland, he was thinking about a new name for his enterprise. Several friends gave suggestions, but he felt they all lacked imagination and individuality. While reading through the abstract of the land he bought, an unusual name caught his eye. In the late 1800’s, a woman named Prunella Shriek had owned much of the land in the area. Tom didn’t think too much about it until one day he was browsing through the Baltimore library and came across a book titled “Ocean City Lore”. As he looked through it, he was thrilled to see Prunella Shriek’s name, with a paragraph devoted to her. Even though she was in her seventies, Prunella was the only woman who competed with men in traditionally man’s sports, such as ice-skating races, and skiing competitions. She was an excellent tennis player and was county ping pong champion circa 1895. Being older and somewhat brittle, she often returned from some of the more vigorous competitions in a wheelchair or crutches. Thus the townspeople began to lovingly refer to her as “Fractured Prunella”. Tom read this and decided he would name his new enterprise after this wonderful and spunky old lady and call it Fractured Prune.

In 2011, our family licensed the rights to bring Fractured Prune Donuts to the Jersey Shore because the fresh hot donuts were simply the best we ever experienced. We are an independently run business with the entire family being part of running the day to day operations. We look forward to providing the Fractured Prune “experience” and creating memorable moments during your visit to the Jersey Shore!

We still think today that our name is as unique as our doughnuts.


“Fractured” Prune is a trademark of Prune Management, LLC used under license

This Location an independent, licensed Fractured Prune Legacy Store.

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Jim K. (Google Review)

“This place has a great choice of different donuts and even if you don’t like their choices, you can build your own. The donuts are made to order so we’ll have to wait longer than usual but if you want a better donut than Dunkin Donuts it’s worth the time and the money.”

H.C. (Trip Advisor)

“Absolutely amazing donuts! I’m honestly not usually a donut fan, but these were amazing. Dipped in hot glaze and topped with just about anything you want. They have a great menu but will put any toppings you select. And everything is made to order nice and fresh! Great place and friendly service!!”

M.L. (Google Review)

“Not your run of the mill doughnuts! You can’t go just one time.”

Lisa K. (Google Review)

“The best donut I have ever had! The owner was so friendly and the staff was great at keeping up with the morning rush. In one week we stopped here 3 times after our morning runs on the boardwalk.. it’s that addicting!”

Shelby A. (Google Review)

“Melt in your mouth donuts! I had the maple glaze with cinnamon sugar and it tasted like french toast.  I also tried their bacon egg and cheese on a wrap and that was also good. They have a lot of options outside of their awesome donuts.”

Trip Advisor Review

“Whenever I go on vacation I look for a Fractured Prune. I just love these donuts. There are many glazes and toppings you can put on. They make them as you order so they are hot and fresh!”