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Specialty Donuts

Hot, Hand-Dipped Donuts are made to order. Choose one of the flavors below or create your own!

Banana Nut Bread: Banana Glaze, Cinnamon Sugar, Peanuts

Black Forest: Raspberry Glaze, Coconut, Chocolate Mini Chips

Blueberry Hill: Blueberry Glaze, Powdered Sugar (Find your Thrill!)

Boston Cream: Chocolate Glaze, Bavarian Cream in the Middle

Caramel Kiss: Caramel Glaze, Chocolate Mini Chips

Carnival: Honey Glaze, Rainbow Sprinkles

Chocolate-Covered Bacon: Chocolate Glaze, Crumbled Bacon

Chocolate-Covered Cherry: Cherry Glaze, Chocolate Mini Chips

Cinnamon Buns: Vanilla Glaze, Cinnamon Sugar

Coffee Crumb Cake: Mocha Glaze, Graham Crackers, Powdered Sugar

Cookies and Cream: Vanilla Glaze, Crushed Oreo

Creamsicle: Orange Glaze, Powdered Sugar

Death by Chocolate: Chocolate Glaze, Mini Chips, Oreo, Chocolate Sprinkles

Dirty Banana: Banana Glaze, Crushed Oreo

French Toast: Maple Glaze, Cinnamon Sugar

Funnel Cake: Honey Glaze, Graham Cracker, Powdered Sugar

Jelly: Powdered Sugar, Jelly in the Middle

Lemonade: Lemon Glaze, Granulated Sugar

Lumberjack: Maple Glaze, Bacon, Cinnamon Sugar

M&M: Chocolate Glaze, Mini M&Ms

Monkey Buns: Honey Glaze, Cinnamon, Brown Sugar, Vanilla Drizzle

Morning Buzz: Mocha Glaze, Crushed Oreo

Myrna Medley: Chocolate Glaze, Chocolate Sprinkles, Peanuts

Ms. Prunella: Mixed Berry Glaze, Cinnamon Sugar

Nutella Churro: Honey Glaze, Cinnamon Sugar, Nutella Drizzle

O.C. Sand: Honey Glaze, Cinnamon Sugar

Peanut Butter Cup: Peanut Butter Glaze, Chocolate Mini Chips

Pebble Beach: Honey Glaze, Cinnamon Sugar, Chocolate Mini Chips

Peppermint Patty: Mint Glaze, Chocolate Mini Chips

Plain Jane: A Naked Donut (Don’t Peek)

S’mores: Marshmallow Glaze, Chocolate Mini Chips, Graham Crackers

Snickerdoodle: Caramel Glaze, Peanuts, Chocolate Mini Chips

Strawberry Shortcake: Strawberry Glaze, Graham Crackers, Powdered Sugar

Sundae: Honey Glaze, Peanuts, Chocolate Mini Chips

Trail Mix: Banana Glaze, Nuts, Coconut, Chocolate Sprinkles

Twix: Chocolate Glaze, Graham Cracker and Caramel Drizzle NEW

White Cream: Powdered Sugar with White Cream Filling

Create Your Own!

You create ’em, we make ’em!

Glazes: Honey, Banana, Chocolate, Maple, Cherry, Strawberry, Lemon, Raspberry, Orange, Peanut Butter, Blueberry, Mocha, Mixed Berry, Mint, Caramel, Vanilla, Marshmallow

Toppings: Rainbow Sprinkles, Chocolate Sprinkles, Coconut, Peanuts, Crushed Oreo, Chocolate Mini Chips, Graham Cracker Crumbs, Crumbled Bacon, Mini M&Ms

Sugars: Powdered, Granulated, Cinnamon

Fillings: Bavarian Cream, White Cream, Jelly


Pair your HOT donuts with one of our signature lattes… fresh and delicious!

Specialty Latte’s

Bay Breeze: Banana & Chocolate

Cafe Italy: Vanilla & Cinnamon

Caramel Macchiato: Caramel & Vanilla

Cookies & Creme: White Chocolate, Vanilla & Chocolate

Grasshopper: Chocolate & Mint

Log Flume: Toasted Marshmallow & Chocolate

Luck of the Irish: Hazelnut & Irish Creme

Milky Way: Caramel & Chocolate

Mocha Latte: Steamed Milk, Chocolate

Mounds: Coconut & Chocolate

Riptide: Coconut, Chocolate & Almond

Seagull: Coconut & White Chocolate

Seashell: Hazelnut, Caramel & Chocolate

Snickerdoodle: Caramel, Cinnamon & Vanilla

Toasted Toffee: English Toffee & Chocolate

Turtle: White Chocolate & Caramel

Vanilla Latte: Steamed Milk, Vanilla

White Chocolate Mocha Latte: Steamed Milk, White Chocolate

Cold Drinks

Iced Coffee • Iced Latte • Iced Chai Latte

Frozen Caramel: Caramel and Icy Coffee Blend

Frozen Lemonade

Frozen Mocha: Mocha and Icy Coffee Blend

Frozen Vanilla Latte: Vanilla and Icy Coffee Blend

Banana Strawberry, Mango, Strawberry

Hot Drinks


Donut Shop Blended Coffee

Espresso: Single/Double

Americano: Espresso, Water

Cappuccino: Heavy Foam

Latte: Espresso with Light Foam


Hot Chocolate

S’mores Hot Chocolate: Hot Chocolate, Toasted Marshmallow, Whipped Cream, Crushed Graham Cracker

Frozen Hot Chocolate: Rich Cocoa, Real Milk and Whipped Cream

Frozen Chocolate Java Whip: Our famous frozen hot chocolate with a shot of expresso, mini chips and whipped cream NEW

Zebra: Mocha, White Chocolate and Whipped Cream


Black, Green or Decaf Tea

Chocolate Nut Latte: Made with Dark Chocolate Sauce, Hazelnut Syrup, and a Shot of Expresso, Topped with Whipped Cream and Peanuts  NEW

Dirty Chai: Hot Chai with a Shot of Expresso NEW


ABOUT OUR CHAI: Chaikhana Chai, located in Malvern, PA, brews hand-selected ingredients together in a unique micro-brew process. Premium quality large leaves of fair-trade and organic tea, sliced ginger root, fresh crushed spices, vanilla beans and honey are carefully combined to ensure a rich infusion of flavor and provide the healthful benefits that real ingredients can offer.


Egg & Cheese: Simple, but classic

Egg, Cheese & Meat: Egg, Cheese and your choice of Sausage, Bacon or Pork Roll

Boardwalk Wrap: Egg, Cheese & Meat on a White, Pesto or Jalapeno Wrap

Beach Burrito: Egg, Cheese, Sausage, Red Onion, Jalapenos and Fresh Salsa on a Pesto Wrap

Kickin’ Hash Brown: Egg & Cheese, Sausage, Bacon & Hash Browns with Hot Sauce in a White Wrap NEW

Prunewich: Egg, Cheese, Choice of Sausage, Bacon, or Pork Roll on a Hot French Toast Donut. PRUNE SIGNATURE SANDWICH!

Surfboard Sandwich: Egg, Cheddar Cheese, Hash Browns and your choice of Sausage, Bacon or Pork Roll on an English Muffin.

Seashore Benedict: Egg White, Cheddar Cheese, and your choice of Sausage, Bacon or Pork Roll on a Whole Wheat Bagel with Hollandaise Sauce.

Triple Decker Meat Lovers: Egg, Bacon, Sausage and Pork Roll with Cheddar Cheese on your choice of Bagel NEW

Sandwiches Come With Your Choice of Bagel, Multi-Grain Bread or English Muffin

BAGEL VARIETIES: Plain, Whole Wheat, Sesame, Everything

SPREADS: Butter, Cream Cheese or Peanut Butter


“Hole In One”

The "Hole In One" Specialty Dessert


Vanilla Ice Cream on top of a Hot Donut, Topped with Your Choice of Any of Our Donut Toppings
*A Fractured Prune Customer Favorite


Two Hot Hand-Dipped Donuts, Milk (Chocolate or White) Served on a Fractured Prune Frisbee


Our Chai Provider: Chaikhana Chai